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Why Invest with Citadel

We invest in the right places.
Citadel seeks to invest in U.S. markets that are positioned to grow faster than the rest of the country due to their possessing certain key attributes. The San Francisco Bay Area is an attractive market under our criteria and given our deep market knowledge and contacts, Citadel has focused on that region.

Our risks are lower.
Citadel investments carry significantly lower risk compared to traditional real estate investments as Citadel will guarantee the fixed return payout. Instead of assuming the risk on one property, the risk is mitigated by the strength of our entire real estate portfolio.

We have the right people.
Our collaborative team of highly qualified and experienced Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Finance Professionals work together to design the highest quality product for every square inch of every single Citadel home.

We give you confidence.
Unrivalled peace of mind as Citadel offers homebuyers up to a 5 year warranty for all aspects of their new home.

We are environmentally responsible.
All Citadel homes are remodelled with many GREEN features such as: Solar Panels, BioEthanol Fireplaces, Low Emission Windows, Low VOC Paint, Energy Star Appliances, Dual Flush Water Conserving Toilets, Sustainable Counters and Environmentally Friendly Flooring. Citadel understands that being environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible are top priorities for our clients, as it is ours. Also, by implementing green features on a home before the sale, we are able to save our home buyers a lot of future money and hassle.

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